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Flying Rides

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Bumble Bee Bop

Larson International, Inc. also has the classic Flying Rides including the Jumping Jumbos, Bumble Bee Bop and Star Command. Each themed ride is designed to attract children but also accommodate adult riders. Guests load in one of the eight vehicles and as the ride begins rotating each vehicle may be propelled up or down with the push or pull of a control bar. This gives the guest the option to ride up in the air or down closer to the ground or both.

With both park and portable models of each ride available, these classic fun rides will please even in the smallest of spaces.


Available in Portable and Park Model

Jumpin' JumbosCapacity:
Three children or one adult and one child per vehicle. Total capacity per hour is
approximately 500 patrons.

Capacity per Car: 350 lbs (159 kg)

Capacity per Ride: 2800 lbs (1270 kg)

Operating Height:
Bee 13 ft. 4 in. (4.06 m)
Elephant 13 ft. 4 in. (4.06 m)
Spaceship 13 ft. 4 in. (4.06 m)

Diameter: 34 ft. fence to fence (9.75 m)

Ride Width: 8000 lbs (3629 kg)

Ride Speed: 7 RPM

Direction of travel: Counter-clockwise

Power Requirements: 208V, three-phase, 90 AMP service

3 HP electric motor (rotational)
Two 7.5 HP electric motors (hydraulic)

Transport Trailer Specifications

Length: 28 ft.

Weight: 13,300 lbs. (6033 kg)

Trailer is available with a pintle hook. The pintle hook is used to attach the trailer to another trailer or "piggy back" the ride, so two rides can be pulled by one vehicle.


Printable Dimensions

Flying Rides

Flying Rides
Flying Rides

Jumpin Jumbos by Larson International, Inc.

Jumping Jumbos feature eight brightly colored elephants rotating in a circle at 7 RPM around the center base, that features a mouse. Riders can move the elephant from its starting position, eight inches above the ground, to a maximum ascension height of eight feet.

Each of the eight elephants has a bench seat that holds three children or one adult and one child. A small perimeter makes it a very versital ride in terms of where it can be placed. It will fit a variety of locations, and with eight vehicles, it also offers a high hourly passenger capacity.

Bumble Bee Bop by Larson International


Bumble Bee Bop moves in a circular motion with the colorful friendly bees flying up and down. Eight elaborately detailed bees buzz around a realistic looking hive. Each bee will comfortably seat one adult and one child or three children. Each bee is equipped with a control bar that allows passengers to raise and lower the vehicle as desired.

With a diameter of 34 feet, this ride can fit many locations, but still has a high capacity.

Star Command by Larson International

Star Command fits well with the high tech, fast paced world of today. The ride features eight bright red, silver and lime painted spaceships, which rotate at seven RPM's around a moon shaped base.

Passengers can control their flight using a control bar, which moves their spaceship from eight inches above the ground to a maximum height of eight feet. The bench seats in each space ship are designed to accommodate three children or one adult and one child.

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