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Fire Ball

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Fire Ball

The Larson International, Inc. Fire Ball is a compact looping – reversing roller coaster. No lift hill or large space is required for this proven thrill ride. Customers will be thrilled with the rocking anticipation of going higher and higher until the train gathers enough momentum to go over the top. Once you experience full speed revolutions, the ride then stops upside down momentarily and reverses direction.

The Fire Ball will certainly create screams of joy. Combine that with an awesome LED light package and you have the perfect compact thrill ride.

Fire Ball Super Loop

Trailer Data:

Trailer-Tandem Axle

Width-102 inches
Length-45 feet
Height-13 1/2 feet

Outriggers Fold Out

Width-39 feet
Length-17 feet

Space Required

Width-39 feet
Length-58 feet
Height-59 feet

Capacity: 4 persons per car-5 cars
20 people, 2 persons per seat-10 seats

Hourly Capacity..............500-600

Power Required-Drive......90 KW

Power Required-Lights....30 KW

Printable Dimensions

Dimensions of Fireball Super Loop

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